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KFakirtv is a Digital Media Construction’  service under K.F.E LLC.
Established back in 2012 the service had its first big release back in 2014 with a web-series called ‘In The Mix‘. In 2016 upon graduating with a masters degree in new media the service started gaining its first traction in videos, coming up with a new wave of content geared towards the ideology of just creating for audiences to …
1. Either relate too
2. Just simply enjoy
The service has endured change and now has solidified a predominant face.

Sports, Creativity, Entertainment circumferences the content being made, anything outside those parameters are not our speciality. For example weddings  don’t do, photography not our thing. The world is full of creators whom talents are not being shown, recognized or utilized.
KFakirTV is here to change that. We just create because artist just paint and poets just write. Not for the monetary value of the concept but for the love and passion in the subjects of everything creators do.

Thank you for coming! Enjoy the site.

The Kreator







I see life as it is, a world of possibilities! My tattoos are all family members and have a meaning! Scroll Down to find out more!









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