With Election Day drawing near, early voting has started in North Carolina. Rebekah Barber, a member of the Student NAACP Division for NCCU, coordinated a march to the polls for early voting. After assistance from the NAACP division of Durham, along with multiple fraternities from the Divine 9’s organization, she gathered approximately “25-30” students to walk two miles to the board of election in Downtown Durham, North Carolina.

Reverend Dr. William Barber Jr., a man whom spoke on behalf of Hilary Clinton for President made a special appearance at the press conference to address the media on the importance of early voting for the Democratic Party. Rebekah’s goal along with the NAACP division of NCCU was to increase the awareness of how important it is to vote. The purpose of this march was to gather students and head down to the polls to participate in early voting.

Furthermore, with realization on the importance of this election, because it is the first election that the voting rights act is not implied. “This is not the last time” according to Rebekah and her division, they’ll be asking students to join them in a march to go vote until Election Day. The NAACP division of NCCU along with Rebekah will be hosting more events to increase the knowledge of voting at the local polls. Early voting benefits the people of the community, it gives everyone a chance to vote and cast their opinion on the ballets.

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De Haute Allure Fashion and Modeling organization, showcased stellar modeling and dance skills in a performance at NCCU’s Ultimate Day Party on Friday, October 14. However, embedded in their music and dance movements was a message to the community. Gabi Jordan and President of De Haute Allure Nzinga Watts-Harper pieced together an ensemble of motivational songs to pass along this message. The “Black Lives Matter” movement, which has been impactful across the nation, was the clear message at the end of the dance. The social media trend (#BlackLivesMatter) was started in 2012 with unfortunate deaths and violence against the African American culture.

Gabi Jordan, the choreographer and coordinator of De Haute Allure, implemented in the organization’s stroll, a meaningful message of raising the fist at the very end of their performance to symbolize the black lives matter movement. When asked “Why the certain music and movements along with rising of the fist at the end?” Gabi Jordan replied, “ Were hoping to not only entertain but inform as well.”

With everything occurring in the nation, from presidential debates to kneeling during the national anthem, this organization found it suiting to utilize an open stage/platform that can spread the message of black lives being deprived of their rights and dignity.

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