Meet The Creator

There’s not much to say about the person I am or any items relating to me. However! There are a few things that come to mind when I first introduce myself. For example focused, energetic, passionate, entertaining and determined, “5” key items that make me who I am, and like Voltron when pieced together you have an unstoppable force. Pursuing a career and life in the world of media. I am a goal orientated young man, who is determined and will stop at nothing to achieve the objectives I have set for my future and myself.  Obtained a Masters and Bachelors Degree from Full Sail University. I have acquired talents for the media field. I have done a variety of marketing strategies and projects for companies like the WWE, NCAA, USOC, and University of Texas at El Paso. My inspiration and passion comes from hard workers who are just like me. To a list a few, you have Jimmy Fallon, Jim Rome, Steve Harvey, Jon Stewart, and Will Smith. I have studied their craft, their persona and their technique of delivery along with historical background of work. Jason Kidd was and has always been my role model for basketball and life. Growing up I watched every little thing on and off the court he was involved in. Now, I have hopes and dreams to reach the life style Jason Kidd has established for himself and his loved ones.

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